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Jesus Calling

RUN! It's Jesus Calling AuthorAbout The Author:

Steve is a missionary serving as the pastor of Cannon Beach Bible Church in Cannon Beach, Oregon. He is also the executive director of the Move to Assurance (MTA) ministry, which is involved in outreach, training, and apologetics. He has an engineering degree from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Western New England University. He also attended Multnomah Seminary where he earned a Certificate in Bible.

Videos produced by the MTA ministry can be seen on their YouTube channel: Move To Assurance

Steve began trusting in Christ in 1999 as the result of reading the books "More Than A Carpenter" and "In His Steps." He has since been involved with missions, teaching, and sharing the gospel in Russia, India, Indonesia, and Uganda, as well as in many locations in the U.S.

The following is a video of Steve sharing the gospel at a funeral. The song is a truly incredible song called "Sorry I Never Knew You" sung by Bob Clibbon.


In addition to his involvement in apologetics and evangelism, Steve has a background in science and engineering. He teaches about creation, evolution, and the impact evolutionary thought has on our culture. Here is a video of one of his talks on evolution and culture.

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