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Jesus Calling includes scripture, so it must be Biblical

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Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling False TeacherBut, Jesus Calling includes scripture, so it must be Biblical.

I've had a number of women tell me this, and be adamant about it. Since Jesus Calling includes scripture, it must be true.

The New Testament repeatedly warns about false teachers, and false teachers use (misuse) scripture..

What is a false teacher? Someone who appears to be a Christian, and sounds like they are a Christian, but part of what they teach is heresy... usually teaching a false gospel or a false Jesus, combined with other false teaching.

False teachers use scripture. They quote scripture. They expound on scripture. Does that make what they say true?

NO! It is a common practice to use scripture to make false teaching appear to be Biblical.

  • Scripture can be taken out of context.
  • Scripture can be twisted to mean something totally different than what was intended.
  • Scripture can be misapplied.

Besides, anyone can tack on a scripture reference onto anything they've written. That does not make what they wrote true, nor does it even mean the scripture reference has anything to do with what they wrote.

Including scripture references only means that scripture references have been included. Until yuo read that scripture and determine whether or not it applies to what is being taught, those scripture references give NO authority to the teaching.

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